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What are venues doing to ensure prevention of Coronavirus COVID-19?

All organisers are responsible to follow government guidelines when it comes to venues. Any procedures that need to be followed by guests will be advertised and visable at the various venues.


What is MTMV?

MTMV stands for My Town My Village and is a simple platform developed to help run events for small medium event organisers as well as be a place for the local community to fins out what is on in their area.

Mobile Tickets

What do I need to use a mobile ticket?

You will need a charged smartphone that can show pdf’s or email ticket code.

Self Printed Tickets

Do I need any special equipment or software to print my ticket?

You will need a PC/ Laptop and printer as well as software that can open pdf file.

Do I need the name of every person to purchase multiple tickets?

No. You can purchase multiple tickets on on persons name. As long as you pring all tickets Barcodes/ QR Codes to the event as each ticket as a unique code.

How does self-printing of my ticket work?

Once tickets have been paid for you will an email to your etered email address with your bar code scanning ticket. This can be printed at home or displayed on your mobile phone at the door.

What do I do if I can’t print off my tickets?

There are a number of option if you can’t print your ticket. You could show the barcode/ QR Code on your mobile phone on entry or produce your ticket code at the door with proof of ID